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Welcome to mTatva

mTatva is a primary healthcare IT company building revolutionary technology products enabling quality healthcare for all. Our solutions focus on making primary healthcare accessible and affordable. While the foundation of our solutions is based on empowering patients, we build on four strong pillars i.e. security, quality, ease of use and performance.

Not just India but even worldwide healthcare needs to use IT to improve quality of healthcare delivery. mTatva is working on such technologies to take a leap. I am quite sure that their products will prove very benefecial not just for patients but also for doctors.
           - Dr. Shubhangi V, NIV, Pune


Opportunity in healthcare IT are endless and many Startups are trying to solve the puzzle. Unlike many other startups, mTatva is uniquely focusing on solutions to ultimately benefit patients. They are bringing in value without changing the current workflows. I truly believe that solutions from mTatva will benefit masses and will have a positive impact on healthcare outcome specially in rural area
  - Mr. Ricky Bedi, CEO, Telerad Tech


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