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Our Vision

Looking at the current healthcare scenarios and technologies being developed in the area of healthcare IT, there is a huge gap when it comes to serving the primary healthcare patients and medical practioners. Our vision revolves around this problem. Our vision is to technologies in the area of primary healthcare IT. We want to make a big impact on the way a patient recovers. Our focus is on re-defined user experience through out the course of illness.


Education and information is very important. Rural India still treats medicines on the colored leaflets of tablets as "Hara goli, Peela goli" (Green medicine, Yellow medicine) to administer the medicines. We beleive aware and well informed patients can take care of himself much better. Improving the medical literacy is one of our big motto specially in the rural areas and make an impact on national morbidity. Our vision is to save one day for every Indian every year.


Improving workflows and processes in Outpatient Departments is equally important. In a country where we have huge scarcity of medical practioners, it is important that we increase the productivity so that more and needy patients can be covered. We understand that giving technology in the hands of patients and doctors is not sufficient. A step further is needed to help them adopt it.


Our ultimate vision is put technology in every aspect of Outpatient department to improve processes and reduce errors. Once that happen our faith is that Telemedicine that day would become a natural migration rather than the way it is being approached as of today.


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