Executive Dashboards

CXO level summary for MRM. Trend Analysis is done across all data and compared with past weeks, months and quarters for reporting actionable insights.

Operational Intelligence

Multiple operational intelligence dashboards help hospitals dig finer details. Helps hospitals in identifying patterns and issues at operation-level on a daily basis.

Quality Audits

Prescription quality audits like missing dosage, confusing abbreviations, WHO indicators etc. for NABH and others compliances. Clinical quality audit using graph-based Outlier Detection.

Leakage Analysis

Identifies which advised services were leaked out or availed at hospital. Various dashboards help bifurcation across various services and pin-point stakeholders.

Engagement Dashboard

2-way patient engagement statistics by Health-PIE Bot with patient feedback. Shows upcoming visit schedules of patients for further engagement by Hospital staff.

Raw Data Dashboard

Dashboards are quite extensive but if something is missing, hospitals can create their own dashboards by downloading the raw data anytime.

Increase Revenue

Hospital OPD forms the base of the funnel through which patients avail different services like admission, diagnostics and medications. Unfortunately this funnel is hardly evaluated by hospitals because all such information is written on paper and is hardly digitized. Most of the advice and orders are entered on prescription paper or order forms which are eventually lost.

With Health-PIE, hospitals can analyse complete picture of funnel and view which areas to focus on. Hospitals get real-time access to patients being leaked to competition - allowing them to act instantly.

Improve Quality of Care

Medication Errors is a major concern faced by patients which hinders health outcomes. One of the reasons for this is non-compliance to prescribing guidelines by clinicians.

Quality Indicators are available which can help. Not just to improve quality of care and outcome, but also help in various compliances like NABH. Hospital can track Quality Indicators at Doctor-level to improve compliance to quality guidelines.

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