Hand Written Prescriptions

Image Processing combined with Association Mining for effective and quick digitization of prescriptions written in any kind of format.

Discharge Summaries

Uses OCR, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and UMLS graph based Entity Recognition. Also useful for printed Diagnostic/Lab reports etc.

Unstructured EMR

Uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) and UMLS graph based Entity Recognition. Lets all the Doctors follow their own formats.

Security and Safety

We understand the criticality and privacy of the data we handle. We are very sensitive to security of all personal and clinical data. All data transmitted, stored and archived is always encrypted.

Data access is securely controlled and restricted. We comply with all technical guidelines spelled out by the HIPAA Act.

99.9% Accuracy - Beyond Human

Aritificial Intelligence powered digitization can give upto 90% accuracy, but that is still low for our Bot to engage patients. To achieve higher accuracy, all the digitizations are mandatorily signed off by clinicians.

Accuracy audits are driven by feedback-loops closed by patients who also consume this digital data. This feedback/correction loop further enhances the digitization accuracy beyond human levels.

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