OP to IP Prediction

Neural Networks trained from historical clinical data analyze OP patients daily to predict high-risk patients needing admission in near future.

Deliveries & Leakage Prediction

Learns each Doctor's maternity-care plan. Analyzes expecting mothers daily and pro-actively reports leakages before they happen.

Leakages Patterns & Prediction

Identifies process or systemic issues causing leakages. Predicts which patients might leak for various services with estimated revenue loss.

OOP Expense Prediction

Learns from historical patient data to create out-of-pocket prediction model. Predicts out-of-pocket expense for upcoming visits of patients.

On Demand CRM

View affected patients easily for each prediction model for effective care planning and patient engagement.

Secure and Scalable

No hassles of expensive hardware and software for running AI tools. Models are secured on cloud and can scale with increase in patient footfall.

Focused & Effective CRM

15% of Hospital customers drive upto 60% of revenue. And these are critical patients needing highest quality of care and attention. If a hospital is losing 1% of them, they are denying care to needy patients and losing 4% of revenue. Hospitals do have CRM teams but they lack focused tools and resources.

Identifying focus area without technology is very expensive and resource intensive. AI is here for rescue, our different predictive algorithms can help hospitals prioritize their efforts for better care and ROI.

Targeted Marketing

Patient's out-of-pocket expense for various hospital services can range from few hundred rupees to tens of thousands. From time to time, the hospital may also run campaigns to attract patients to avail the hospital services. But these are mostly mass marketing campaign without use of any intelligence.

Health-PIE can segment customers based on their requirements for hospitals to target them better. It can even identify patients who might get leaked with impact on revenue loss. This can help hospitals in targetted marketing for better ROI.

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