Multi-Lingual & Multi-Channel

Communicates with patients in local language across multiple channels including SMS text to cover almost all OP/IP patients.

Digital Nurse App

Fully featured disease management App for patients making them feel empowered and staying on top of their health.

Treatment Alerts

Digital prescription, medication reminders, diagnostics reminders, follow-up reminders, referral/admission reminders etc.

Treatment Linked Feedback

Real-time treatment linked feedback via SMS and Web. Feedback is scheduled with each patient depending on their treatment plan.

Maternity/Infant Care

Regular health messaging with expecting mothers during and post pregnancy. Keeps expecting mothers aware and engaged.

Critical Patient Care

CRM dashboard for hospital teams to keep track of patients who are at high risk or need critical care to deliver better quality of care.

Health Information

Informed patients comply better. Patient benefit from 1000s of inhouse articles in English and local languages.

Tele-Follow Up

Text based tele-followup mechanism for patients to communicate with Doctor to show diagnostic reports or ask queries.

Adaptive & Intelligent

Intelligent, adaptive and 2-way communication system with patients. Patients can change Bot behaviour making it learn further.

Improve OP to IP Conversion

Usually, OPD patient life cycle runs from few days to years. However, the hospital has few touch points with patients which typically last an hour at max. Most of IP patients go through few OP cycles, but are hardly engaged by the hospital to stay.

This is where Health-PIE Bot comes to rescue. It stays with patients throughout the treatment, ensuring stickiness. This helps improve OP to IP conversion.

Reduce Leakages to Competition

HealthPIE creates a connected platform for patients as well as hospitals. Bot creates stickiness as well as pro-actively alerts hospital's Customer Engagement Team about issues faced by patients.

Analytics Engine identifies all systemic/process issues hindering customer experience, ensuring that hospitals are always a step ahead.

Bring The Wow Factor

Hospitals can stay with their patients even when they are away. Typically a hospital using Health-PIE Bot touch patients' lives 15,000+ times daily. That is bound to give patients a Wow experience!

Hospitals go beyond and stay with patients even after they leave facility, which builds trust. This boosts the word-of-mouth promotion for hospital and helps in Brand Recall.

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